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Want to make Yoga more fun and exciting? Make Yoga more interesting and fun to do with this Anti-Gravity Swing Yoga.

Have you been feeling the stiffness in your body lately? Been thinking to work out on your flexibility ? or you’ve been thinking to give an Art of Yoga a meaning.

Well you are in luck, here is something for you to look into, yoga hammocks or yoga swings are well known for helping practitioners

Release Tension

Gain Flexibility

Enhance Yoga Poses

Relief Back Pain in minutes.

Beginner Friendly

Also, recent studies show that the Yoga Swing is more effective than a 1-hour deep tissue massage or multiple series of chiropractic adjustments. It can help relieve pain associated with sciatica, herniated discs, and even neck or hip pain. Use the swing to achieve spinal traction and take the pressure off your vertebral discs. Daily use will help you feel how the cumulative healing effects of inversion therapy add up.

This Anti-Gravity yoga hammock is ergonomically designed and extremely beginner-friendly. You’ll also strengthen your upper body & core, relieve stress, prevent injuries, promote your overall physical health, and explore new poses that are otherwise inaccessible. It also helps open the front side of your body including the shoulders, abdomen, and chest!

Not just for yoga experts! Designed to be used by anyone, from householders to fitness enthusiasts. Extremely beginner-friendly. You can go as easy or as hard as you want


Anti-Gravity Aerial Swing Yoga Hammock
$80.99 $132.99

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