The new innovative and easy way to burn fats.The all-new fat-burning garment that uses your natural body heat to promote sweating.

So you can burn more calories and shed pounds fast! Look, the Sweat tank top is made from a special blend of compression and polymer fabrics which work to seal in your natural body heat.

Creating an intense, sweat-inducing, sauna-like experience when working out or by simply doing everyday activities.

Giving you a consistent and constant calorie burn while wearing the Sweat vest. For jaw-dropping results, Sweat vest is the easiest way to accelerate your body’s natural ability to produce heat.

Making you sweat more, so you can burn more calories, and shed pounds fast! You will instantly look slimmer just by putting it on.

Quickly tucking your tummy and shaping your waist. Designed for men and women, wear Sweat vest under or over your clothes.

For a flat, toned look, that will help you achieve your weight-loss goals fast.

Sweat vest is Machine Washable and features a non-slip strip that helps keep the Sweat Shaper in place.

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Polymer Workout Sweat Tank Top

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