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Fashion Diaper Baby Bag Backpack NB22179-HF

Fashion Diaper Baby Bag Backpack NB22179-HF

Fashion Diaper Baby Bag Backpack NB22179-HF

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These are features that are commonly included in the best diaper bag backpacks

  • Capacity: If you have multiple children or are gone for hours at a time, you may be best served by a larger-sized bag. Conversely, a smaller-sized bag may be adequate if you only have one child or don°Øt leave the house frequently. 
  • Weight: Depending on your strength and stature, the weight may be important. Some bags (and all their features) can tip the scales at over 2.5 pounds °™ and that°Øs before you even load up your gear. If you°Øre concerned that the weight may be too much for you, pay attention to the product description and choose a lightweight model. 
  • Design: Diaper bag backpacks come in a multitude of designs. Some are sleek & modern, some fun & flirty, some are even camouflaged to look like a regular backpack. Choose one that fits your personality but isn°Øt so °∞on trend°± that it°Øll be outdated in a few years. And if daddy will be carrying it on occasion, make sure you check with him about whether he°Ød prefer a gender neutral color or design. 
  • Easy to Clean: A water-resistant exterior can be easily wiped down in the event of a spill. Between bottle mishaps, sticky post-snack fingers, and diaper blowouts, your bag is bound to get dirty. Pick one that°Øs convenient to clean. 
  • Storage Pockets: Since you°Øre carrying a million things, you might need a million pockets. Evaluate all the things you°Øll be putting in your diaper bag and identify your specific storage needs to keep everything neat and organized °™ and not a giant, jumbled mess in the bottom of your bag that you have to dig through every time you need something. 
  • Insulated Compartments: Even if you°Øre not pumping milk, it°Øs still nice to look for insulated compartments. The day will come when you°Øll be carrying baby food or sippy cups filled with regular milk, and the ability to keep them cool will be incredibly useful.


My girlfriend loved this! Somehow got famous on tiktok using this Reversible plush. Had at least 2,500 people ask where she got it from

Daniel D

This little cuties are so ridiculously adorable. At first I thought the price was high for a stuffed animal, but they are well-made, super soft, flip really well, and were bigger than expected so in the end I thought they were totally worth it. 

Kathy Theresa

Quick reply and very helpful. Keepsake Box arrived in 4 days.

Thank you Sokofy!!

Emily Huston
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